San Remo Towers

Residents' Association


The purpose of this website is to provide residents and lessees of San Remo Towers with useful information and contact details.

Primary Objectives

Provide an effective forum for discussion and communication for flat owners (lessees)

Facilitate representation of the collective opinions of lessee members to the Freeholder‘s managing agents on issues affecting our current/future rights, obligations and general interests

Monitor the service charge and expenditure with a view to maintaining an appropriate balance between levels of service and cost to lessees

Secondary Objective

Nurture and encourage a good community spirit and sense of care within San Remo Towers, mindful of the interests of resident lessees, non-resident lessees, private tenants and Freeholder tenants


To join the San Remo Towers residents' association costs just £5 per flat.
If you would like to join or require additional information please visit our contact us page.

Click below to view the association's constitution:

San Remo Residents' Association Constitution